Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Baseball Quilt Finish

This is a very simple quilt using a very simple Log Cabin pattern and quilted with a very simple grid. Its all wrapped up now and ready to ship out.

Joey has a passion for this game. 

I am not sure if he knows much history or just plays for the love of the game. I'll ask when I see him this Summer back in MN.  I had my own heros from the Yankees and the MN Twins. Most of those guys are dead or long retired.

It gave me a certain pleasure to work with these baseball print fabrics. Making quilts for guys takes a little forethought. 

I can also see how my personal history effects the choices I make when I quilt. I've learned how to keep going and use what skills I have to do things I love. At first I thought quilting was too sedentary, and it can be if you only sit at the machine. That's not how I work. I am up and down all the time because I have never been a person to sit still.

Is this something a person learns or just part of their natural make-up? 

Baseball is still the only sport I can watch with full attention. Its such a slow game. And if you aren't looking, someone can make a play that changes everything. With quilting, you can always go back and change something that isn't working for you. Its almost like having the 'do-over' option. Like someone said, "keep calm and use your seam ripper". However, its more than that for me, its about vision and re-visioning, and loving what I do.

Another thing I love about Baseball that relates to Quilting is that it doesn't matter if you are tall, short, skinny or a bit tubby, if you have the spirit to play the game, you just give it your all and people wrap their hearts around the moment like they wrap up under your hand made quilt.