Thursday, April 3, 2014

Three P's

My quilting adventure this morning took me into the three P's of quilt-making: Pinning, Piecing and Pressing.  All of these steps are essential to building any quilt. All of them take a fair amount of time, and when its all I work on in a morning, my mind wanders.

What I do is put on a You Tube tutorial. Yes, that's multi-tasking. And yet, it gets me through these mundane, repetitive tasks so I can keep 'keeping on'.

This morning, I watched a first step for a Mystery Quilt with Eleanor Burnes & Marianne Fons. It runs an hour and a half and is a filmed presentation she made to an audience of quilters. The two seasoned quilters have a running conversation as they worked on this first step and demonstrate how to fussy cut for the centers of the various stars in their quilt. It was interesting and I did stop to look every once in awhile as I worked. The link to it is:

When I quilt, I put positive energy into each project. And so for me, working with those 3 P's this morning, I adapt the words as intentions going into the quilt to reflect PEACE, PROSPERITY & PATIENCE. The two different quilts seen on my ironing board will be Comfort Quilts going to folks who are in recovery. My three P's for them are like an underpinning of energy. I don't decide how those energies will work in their lives, and simply hope that they do.

And yet, these are my words too. They are like prayers for the evolution of my personal humanity. I found myself taking deeper breaths as I worked as if I was breathing in the wonder of Peace and releasing all forms of stress and conflict. I breathed in Prosperity and released any of the scarcity thinking that gets in my way. And finally, I breathed in Patience, releasing the need for speed, the need for perfectionism, and the need for restlessness.

And now onto cleaning the machine, replacing the needle and winding more bobbins.