Sunday, April 6, 2014

Holiday MQ

Part of the morning was spent dusting off the ceiling fans, and then I took the ladder outside to the Honeysuckle to tie them onto the arbors. I pulled more than my share of weeds and came back inside. Whew.

I finally got to the next step of the Holiday Mystery quilt, piecing and pressing. Of course I had to count to make sure there were the correct number of pieces. Back in the bag for them until next week.

Its going to stay in the higher 70's here this week, which is perfect for having meals on the porch and watching birds and bees make their way through.

It often seems that any of my work runs in cycles and I am a lot less hard on myself to stay to any task. I've tried to be most careful that in my search for good feelings that I avoided feeling at all. 

This valley, these mountains, the near-by deserts and wild rivers are incredible to behold. I try not to get locked inside at my workstation either quilting or writing so long that I don't step outside. Life can pass a person by so quickly and all those cliches like stopping to smell the roses hold real meaning the older one gets.

Its almost a year now since I received this last huge amount of fabric from Lee's estate (five very large shipping boxes full). I passed a lot of it along as I opened the boxes and considered what I might not use as candidates for someone else's storage. I told myself that I would re-assess the 'stash' again at that anniversary to be fiercely honest about keeping or releasing more of it. Much of it has been used and is dedicated to quilts that I consider WIP's. 

I am giving myself til the end of May to re-sort and re-think what is here. I don't want to be one of those quilters who has an endless supply of unfinished quilts and containers of fabrics without any purpose.