Tuesday, April 8, 2014

FQ Swap

I was so very surprised by the mail today when another swap came in...this one is a Fat Quarter swap where we exchange four fat quarters in the month. In filling out the form, I agreed to swap with more than one partner during April.

The first to come in was from Cheri, a very generous quilter who sent a number of  extras in her package to me. There were buttons, a zipper, some lace, several charm squares, some strips and and pieces not quite a FQ but very charming. http://www.fabricandmemories.blogspot.com/ 

The Black and White pieces as well as the Brights on Black are most welcomed and will go into a special bin that will one day help me make a quilt for myself.

If quilters take the time, like Cheri & I did, we can form a simple relationship of like minds. Most are generous people and keep their commitments to swap. Conversations are easy, sharing tips and challenges. We love to quilt, we love fabric.

This swap was pretty easy because it didn't involve making anything to send off. Its also an eye candy treat to build stash in a way that only costs the price of postage. The swap guidelines said that you could send off 'like-new' FQs from your stash or you could purchase new ones. 

I keep saying that I need to include more things in the package I send that go beyond the simple requirements, and want to ease myself into doing that. Cheri pointed out that we can never know what another person can use, and its so much better to pass things along that we are not using rather than to either trash them or let them rot on our shelves. I learned a lot from her and hope what I learned makes me a better swap partner and a better quilter.