Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Snow Day

Snow here in southern Cali, even in the mountains, is different than when it snows in my home state of Minnesota. Schools are delayed or closed when only an inch of snow appears here in the valley.  People stay home. There are no sanding or plowing trucks. You stay home and wait until it melts.

What I did this morning was feed the birds, NOT go to the clubhouse to pin or baste, and get quilt swaps ready to ship. Skies are pretty gray here yet and allow for enough sunshine to come through so the ground keeps melting the snow. 

With the endless parts in quilting, they often remind me that life is eternal and love is immortal. 

Snow is frozen rain and Cali needs to come out of this drought. It has been falling hard and being blown by wind, yet it is not the all consuming, life-threatening snow experienced in the midwest that strands people and livestock. 

Yet, the contrast reminds me of the Log Cabin pattern of light and dark logs that traditionally have signified the ease and challenge in life we can face. I dislike assigning light to good, and dark to bad, because that's a very outdated concept. Who is to say that the good times in one's life are all that good if they make us soft and unable to standup for what is really for our soul work? Challenges have often brought me wonderful evolution of spirit and opportunities. I might like to change that quilting descriptor of colors to read the soft pastels or lighter shades to the more intense brights.

Well, off to the post office and grocery store. I need a few things here just in case the snow keeps building and shuts down the entire town. I can drive the streets just fine and yet want to be off the road when snow-challenged drivers are on them.