Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Start-up

The new swap I joined is for 6" blocks. Swappers make and send off two made in the colors and type of block your partner wants. My partner requested 8-Point Stars in Cornflower Blue with Cream. I had to go online to find the color and was surprised at how many shades and hues there are. I looked through my stash and found four different pieces that will do.

Earlier this month, I requested books at the library and got three of them this weekend, with all sorts of block styles, and guidelines how to draft them. Draft? One had a CD that you could get the pattern printed. It took my IMac several tries and almost an hour of my time to get it running. After looking at a few examples, this book, too was just a bit much for me.

The third one made me feel like Goldylocks had found her cozy chair! Although I didn't find any 8-point star patterns in it, Tula Pink's patterns are all for 6" blocks. She IS a modern day quilter who takes the traditional concept and goes beyond the old patterns. The subtitle of her book includes the word, SAMPLER, so it is her intention to have a person make up all these blocks in a variety of colors and then use them together. She gives ideas at the end. 

It is my plan to play with some of these patterns (yes, I copied the ones that were of interest). With the swap, my request was to get "wonky" blocks of any style and fabric colors. As 6" blocks, they will make a perfect border for a "Wonky" style quilt.  

Wearing shorts and a tee-shirt, I got out in my gardens today and did some Spring cleanup. Then I came inside to work on the quilt projects. Its a beautiful day here, and a good one to be alive & feeling positive about all things.