Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Log Cabin Layouts

As I get older, there are fewer things in my life that I can change like my relatives, my childhood experiences, what I will inherit and yesterday's lost opportunities.

I love the Log Cabin quilts and have made numerous ones already. They are quick, lovely and end up being unique according to the fabrics used and the final block layout. This I can change.

Some say that its silly to invest in keeping high school sweethearts for the family. Sometimes that is true, however, not always. I've seen them stay and go depending upon their relationships and its never up to me. What I know about the quilts I want to give to family is that its more about ME, about my ability to be open to their love and not judge what might happen.

To that end, I am making another graduation quilt for my #3 Granddaughter's beau. He is into baseball. I had half a yard of baseball fabric which was just enough to do the first dark in a 16-block log cabin. This is the Light With Dark layout. 

The sun came out after dumping a bunch of snow this morning, and so it is a little distracting on the pictures. You can always select the pictures here to enlarge the images.

I use the MAKE A QUILT IN A DAY LOG CABIN PATTERN book by Eleanor Burns all the time for these log cabin ideas. Usually I select the layout from the suggestions in back of the book. This is the Whirly-gig layout.

Taking pictures in advance confirms the choice. This layout is called Starlight and was selected because the two lightest beiges both have stars in them. The top one was and is still my first choice because it has a natural border to it. 

I have a light true blue (this pic shows a more aqua or teal) to make the first official border. Then, want to purchase another baseball print for the outside border and enough of it to do the binding. 

It is all about what I can change and all about choice.