Monday, March 31, 2014

Received a Pay-It-Forward This Weekend

What a surprise! I had forgotten that I signed up to RECEIVE a Pay-It-Forward, so when this  little package came all the way from Australia, I could barely contain myself as I tried to open it.

It is just precious and I am grateful to receive this lovely fabric art. One thing I am becoming aware of is how different the fabrics are in other countries. I have never seen the like of these colors and this print. Shaz is interested in many fabric arts and always seems to have something new and of interest for her blog readers.

I am still open to receive, willing and able to receive as part of the language of love. The whole system of "Pay-It-Forward intrigues me. I've signed up several times and this is the first person who actually made me something. I've continued with my part of the contract (sending out something to 3-5 people). I have two projects going right now that I plan to finish and send out when they are completed.  Its a very provocative endeavor and one that I feel strongly about. It is my hope to offer it again towards the end of Summer. 

Shaz included a small card with a hand-written note, and that seems to be the custom when sending these small gifts. I have started doing that as well. This little card was a gift in itself as it held a Spring Cherry Blossom Fairy on the front, and pricing for Australia and New Zealand on the back.

And in truth, cards people send me are enchanting. I know I cannot keep things forever, so have made it a habit to keep them in a box and go through them from time to time. Those hand-written notes are simply a joy for me to read again.