Saturday, March 8, 2014

Gathering Storms

Well, maybe that is a bit dramatic.

However, with the high winds blowing outside, it almost feels like that is how it feels inside at my workstation too.

Yesterday, I finished piecing the center of a quilt that uses half square triangles matching lights & darks. They fit together in blocks that make up two different rows and then the rows are turned up or down to make an overall pattern. Three sections were turned even though I took special care to place them. Last night I ripped and today they need to go back in the correct way.

Baylee's quilt looks wonderful with hand stitches and I am hopeful that it will be completed in time for my trip back to the midwest in mid-June. There is no pressure involved in working with it, just love.
Today, the Spring Village is going up, replacing the Winter Village. Each little house gets its own light and eventually will have rabbits playing their part. This village isn't as large as the Winter set but is bigger than the Hallows scene.

Little bunnies are spread out over my dining table that still has its Winter look.Hard to feel Spring with the chill outside. Many outdoor plants did not survive the transition. However, I have a lot of bulbs to plant & weeds to pull when I do get out there again.

This is my huggable stuffy that I bought for my birthday (April 5) when I came out here again in 2001. His name is Duck & he rides in this babydoll carriage all the time, often wearing hats for the season. The poinsettia bloomed red on its own this year. Good Eastern light.

The other part of my 'gathering storm' is the pile of projects. Some of them are ready for batting, and the top  project is next on the list for finishing the top and then gets batting.

This is Week #10 for the Applique Mystery Quilt, and I am doing my best to keep up with the assignments. Not showing it here yet. AND I am working on Le Challenge: Order, which is a tote bag for me.

Rex received her March Calendar block yesterday. Its called "Birthday Cake"; I made that block because she has a March birthday. Hmm... I actually like how it photographs. I can load it & the Spring Mug Rugs to my 2014 finishes link above.

Its sometimes hard to stay organized. Its hard for me to feel like I am getting things done. If anything, this blog helps with that by giving me a running log and history in the midst of any external and internal storms I might feel.