Monday, March 3, 2014

Guild Meeting

If I learned anything today its that I have not seen as much as there is to see. What a world of color we live in!

My teacher Claudia did a trunk show at the Tehachapi Mountain Quilting Guild this morning and brought quilts she has in her home as well as her shop.
As she unfolded quilt after quilt, she told the story of her life through raising kids & nieces alone, through the stress of divorce, cancer, chemo, having a ranch with animals, up to working in her shop, the struggles to pay bills, losses of favorite animals and people, the sale of her ranch and to this recent move.

I was snapping pictures as fast as I could figure out my new camera. I've set up her Facebook account and do a seasonal email for her, so take the pics for her. These were new-to-me quilts very enchanting. Claudia makes a lot of her own patterns including the twisted 4-patch in the fall colors next to the trees. She's a great teacher, or at least has been for me. I took many more photos this morning.

On the way home, I stopped to pick up the package from the Christmas Block Swap. One of the prints on chocolate are gingerbread BOY cookies. I know Jake is going to love this quilt. Thanks Cathy! Thanks for the work you do to make this swap happen.

Also what I learned today is that I better read the manual that came with the camera if I want to take pictures and upload them to my computer. Jeeze. Point and shoot is not all there is to it.