Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lost Block

I hate it whenever I mis-place something, which is one reason why I try to be uber organized. In fact, being organized is the reason why it drives me crazy when something goes missing.

This block was one of a pair that I made for the Christmas Block Swap. The second one mirrored the inner blades. It is hard to imagine without seeing them side by side. The pattern called for cutting eight of the dark and eight of the white, but the block itself only needs four of each. I searched everywhere for it before shipping the one I did have to my swap partner. It will turn up and I will use it somewhere.

It is lost.

Today, I made a different block that added in a third color. While there is room so that the points are not lost in the seams, it still measured a tad short of 12.5" square. I love it though and plan to make different versions of it to include in future swaps. It ends up being a 9-patch version and is called the "no-name' star.

If we are short, we cannot make ourselves taller; or aging we cannot make ourselves young. If someone we love has died, we cannot bring them back to life. Just because I am quilting and it seems inconsequential to the greater workings in the world doesn't mean I am avoiding the pains or challenges in my life. 

In quilting, at least, I can figure out how to make the next block fit those requirements better. In this case, it takes practice. 

As I quilt and think, and pray, I come to the discovery that I have power to deal with anything life brings me or has brought me or will bring. These seemingly easy days I live are anything but simple. These simple stitches are indeed the prayers of my life, for my life.