Saturday, March 1, 2014

Spring Mug Rug Swap

Rex got the two mug rugs I made for Spring and sent me photos of them to post here. I forgot to take pics with my new camera, remembering as soon as I left the Post Office.

The fabric is so cute that I like the backs that give a sort of scene with them. I find it harder to work in this smaller size of 6x10", so these represent my third try. I might have given up on the fronts of them but, as I said, loved the backs.

If there is anything that quilting teaches me, its to just keep quilting, and to find the beauty in the work. Here, its about the fabric. How cute is this material? How very Spring and playful for my soul!

While this fabric works to see more of it on one piece, the fronts became more of a challenge to keep the theme and also to do some smaller patchwork. I've subscribed to a block of the day email and get these interesting 6" patterns directly to my inbox. 

Some I delete right away because I know I will never use them. And others seem to work for the side part of a mug rug. The smaller pieces take more work, take more accuracy in all aspects of the work...and I say work because being accurate is not always a fun moment.

Yet, I will notice a picture hanging on the wall that is 1/4" crooked. Go figure.