Friday, February 28, 2014

Another Fab Friday Finish

It was a delight to wake up to the sound of rain this morning. California is in a very serious drought right now, so it was most welcome.

I finished the first of my two comfort quilts for the guild. Its 40"x54", or toddler size, and also works for a person in a wheelchair as a lap robe. 

The top of this quilt was a donated and unfinished piece. I took it because my goal is to make quilts for men and boys. It turned out very nice. It is quilted with diagonal lines, and machine binding. The group prefers machine binding rather than hand binding because they learned that when people are stressed, they will find an opening to stick a finger into and 'worry' it apart. Also, these quilts get washed a lot so need to be of a utility nature.

It is one of the most interesting quilting tips I could ever get about stress in folks who need comfort under any situation. It makes me think of times when I have felt stress, and in truth, I cannot remember what I do that might have that sort of repetition or mindlessness at the time other than pacing halls. 

Providing comfort quilts is something I see as meeting needs for warmth, for security and safety of a sorts. I've always seen them as shields against the night, against cold, against the monsters hiding in closets, under the beds or around the corner. Having a comfort quilt feels like it connects me to the person who gave it to me or who gave me the fabric to make.

What I hope is that whomever gets this quilt feels the love that went into it and that it is something of their own in the darkness.

I like this structure to finish something on Friday. The rest of the morning is dedicated to cleaning up my workstation, so it also is a finish to the week. 

New partners were assigned for the Christmas Quilt Block Swap today. Yae! We have already exchanged some ideas.