Sunday, February 2, 2014

Moving Day

I've been wanting to move my workspace around for some time and finally got to it this morning. Every time I change things in my life, there is something that must be given up for something in return. 

This move was no exception. (please look at these pics with a soft eye because things are moved, not yet organized.) I have more space in the room to walk about. My ironing board has room to the side of the tables rather than to sit out in the traffic path. The printer, bill keeper, office supplies, and paper shredder are on a small table next to the door and are much easier to access now. I still can lift the sewing machine onto the table, have quite a decent work space and have it down when I want to work on the computer. Its going to be a good work station. (Yes, the waste basket goes under the table.)

The other side of the room holds a love seat, along with lamps for evening hand work. Light comes in from the west and bounces off the mirrors. That also seems like it will provide more natural light all year round. 

And of course, I am not kidding myself about what I have to give up with this move. On a shelf over the loveseat is a 4-candle holder that I light almost every night to honor my Grandparents. Not safe to use here when the loveseat kicks back.

And then there are the windows. Really difficult to give up the constant view of mountains to the west, trees, the pond, the stones, and flowers on the wall. Here is a Cooper's Hawk who visited yesterday. She found a live and easy to catch food source at my bird feeder to the south and comes here regularly.

I used to look up from my work whenever I saw a shadow fly by. Usually, in that tree during most warmer months, there is a pair of Hummingbirds who rest a minute several times a day before going onto the flowers or into the pond spray. Flocks of birds drop down to the pond, and often the neighbor cat makes her rounds. Not seeing those events might be hard, and maybe the furniture will move again come Spring and Summer.

For now, its lovely and spacious in here.