Thursday, February 13, 2014

Winter Roads

As I cut more strips for sashing on Patrick's quilt, I noticed that a Moda fabric I was using is called 'Winter Lane' and decided to modify it for the quilt name to "Winter Roads".

If I learn anything about being a quiltmaker, it is that one doesn't just follow patterns, one steps out and creates something of her own, making all the parts of it her own.

For many years, I saw myself as a Beginner who needed to follow directions in order to learn the way of this all. When I deviated, it often meant re-tracing my steps, and that fractured my confidence. I am not sure if this was the same learning track for other things, but it is quite clear for me in quilting. There are mathematical calculations to consider, color values, technical skills for pressing, pinning, stitching. I never knew this when I first started quilting.

Patrick's quilt had to be for a tall guy. The Oct/Nov 2012 issue of McCall's Quick Quilts had an interesting pattern that finished a quilt at 59x70. I calculated an additional 26 blocks would make the quilt more like a twin size.

As I looked at the pattern, I realized I could use up 2.5" squares, piecing them into the block sizes as if they were specialty prints. I followed the pattern and use a high contrast white/dark green for the sashing.

It has become "Winter Roads".

Leftover cuts are leaving me with interesting scraps. Here is where more of my Intermediate quiltmaker status comes to play. I am already thinking of some possible uses for the short strips. There will not be a pattern that calls for these strips and they may go into my bag of orphan blocks until I need them. 

Oh, and that back for his taller Son...that is coming along, block by block too, taking on a life of its own.