Saturday, February 8, 2014

Saturday Sweet Things

I got through the angst yesterday and decided that I do want to make a slogan/button and a plan for Finish Something Friday to be ongoing. It will be good for my soul to see things get done. I don't have the usual software like a paint program to get it done and so would take low-effort suggestions if anyone has any. I found a blog that gave instructions for how to do it and the technical part had me rolling my eyes to the back of my head. Not going to happen if I have to do it.

Its all those little details that take me out. Because I am still learning the blog technology, it might take me a bit of time to work through the details if not forever.

Rex got my Feb. Calendar block swap, and while hers should be at my PO Box, its not, so I am showing what I sent and will post them both in the link above when hers comes. Embroidery is one of my heartiest enjoyments for fabric arts, so this was great fun. The pen I used to trace the pattern was thick and I didn't know it would erase with water splashes, so I made adjustments to the pattern. My embroidery always uses the more primitive stitches.

The February BOM I am doing with my local quilting friend is finished too. This one was a bit of a challenge because I didn't swatch out the colors and had to keep re-figuring their placement in the block. Luckily there was only one.

I worked on the back for Nick's quilt yesterday afternoon and this morning as well, after a comment and a link to another blog by Marianne Jeffrey who led me to see how creative they can be when you let them simply take on a life of their own.  ...

I started playing around with the scraps, piecing the smallest bits together first and then cutting into those larger pieces to give support to the bits. Its my plan to machine quilt a diagonal grid across the front so that should not compromise the back at all either in design or bulk.