Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Mystery Quilt

I am working with the Mystery Quilt appliques today. Darlee Bryon has been posting the new week projects on Sundays and just switched to sending them out on Fridays. 

What I realized from reading the blogs of other quilters is that when you get going with so many projects as I have, its a good thing to dedicate a day every week to a specific project. This sets up a system so there is progress and add clarity to the work.

I used to do this with housework in my early days of learning that system. Each week I would focus on cleaning one area of my home...say the great room & entries the first week, the bedrooms the second week, bathrooms & hall closets the third week, kitchen the fourth, and if there was a 5th week, then those leftover areas. I would spend 15 minutes a day in that room and could get so much done it was crazy!

This is my second attempt with appliques, and the first at learning how to do it correctly. 

For her Applique Mystery Quilt, Darlee created a combination of machine quilted applique blocks with small 5" patch blocks for this quilt. Her plan is for us to do one of each per week. I fell behind because I didn't make it a priority. It is a priority now. I will work on it every Sunday to stay up with the plan.

The first attempt using an applique process that I ever did was for this quilt named NIGHT SKY that went to my younger Son last Solstice. The doors are appliqued on and turned out perfectly.  I like this pattern so much that I know I will make it again.

In fact, once I finish this round of quilts, I am leaning toward making more of them with the house motif.

Appliques are not as difficult as I thought they would be. I don't see myself doing them by hand with all the turning under that this process takes. Doing them by machine makes a quilt that can be used and laundered, where the hand work is more for wall hangings. I want the quilts I make to be utility quality.

The growing system is working for me. Sunday Mystery Quilt, Wednesday Basting (while it lasts), Finish Something Fridays! Enough and not too much a routine that I get rebellious and chuck it all.