Monday, February 24, 2014

Design Floor

Due to a lack of wall space, my quilts get laid out either on my floor or across my queen size bed. Over the many decades of my life, I've learned to adapt to my circumstances.

I've never believed that staying in a victim mentality gets a person much other than to immobilize them. And if that is what is sought, then that is what is received. 

I like action.

This morning I laid out Patrick's quilt (well as much would fit). Its a modified pattern from McCall's Quick Quilts Oct/Nov 2012 issue. The original pattern called for Asian prints in the blocks and I've chosen to use up some 2.5" squares to make up the blocks. I love how it turned out. Many of the squares are holiday themed fabric, and the back of this will have a holiday flannel.

There are two more rows that didn't fit on that one section of my floor space. Everything will tighten up when the rows get pieced. This layout was more to see how the blocks line up. Its a new sashing treatment for me and I love how it turned out. I did add more blocks and sashing to the overall pattern because Patrick is a tall guy. This will be a hefty one to machine quilt, but is so gorgeous already. 

I found myself getting frustrated and immobilized by an old pattern I am using for another quilt. As it sat next to my work station, I kept feeling an aversion to even pick it up again. My worry-mind-wheels started spinning around tossing off all sorts of negative messages to me. I don't want to give anyone a quilt that has the least amount of negativity assigned to it. So I stopped working on it.

At this stage, its easy to give up on everything.

Negative messages are so sneaky. I don't know where mine come from, but they have such power to destroy creativity, self-esteem and my ability to move forward.


Yes, snap. I just move along.

There is so much to do with all the projects I have going that I don't waste much time whining. Recently, I modified my to-do list so that I can move along and get things done in a timely manner. Quilting is fun, and if something starts to be not fun, then its not quilting.