Friday, February 7, 2014

Finish Something Friday

Waves of angst flowed over me last night into this morning, and so I spent time at my altar this morning listening to my own distress as well as for the answer. What came to me as I sat in front of my fireplace where I had also lit a candle is that there are numerous WIP's going on and nothing had been finished for awhile.

My Feb. blocks had gone out to Rex for our Calendar block exchange, and to Cathy for the Christmas Quilt Block Swap. I am choosing not post pics of them until they are received. 

AND I am actively working on six of the WIP's (works in progress), as well as two Comfort Quilts. Logical, reasonable, understandable. Just not something I can see as complete.

I pulled out the container for another BOM I am doing with a local quilter, cut both the January and February blocks and set about finishing the January block. Done.

How simple to have peace of mind return. 

I pieced more to the back for Nick's quilt, and am letting it stay where it is to get a fresh look at it each time I go into the room. I also cut and pieced more one of the comfort quilts. Its easier now to keep going with what is next on the WIP's. If I learned anything about myself, its to do something simple that can be done in an hour. Finishing something is more important than I realized. I want to make that the first thing I do on Friday's...that is if I can. No pressure. Just fun and healing of self.