Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wonderful Wednesday

Got another quilt basted at the clubhouse this morning. Its been a great plan to take one in each week and just do it. 

All beautiful things take time to grow or develop. I've never had luck wearing watches, but know where all the clocks in my world are so that I know what time it is, how much time I have to get somewhere, or get something done, and when to say something is completed. There is no such thing as being late to something or with something because everything has its own timing. 

This one is a Log Cabin that the fabric begs to be named SONG BIRDS. I cut fabric for the centers and the borders going one direction, so laid out the blocks in what is called "All Sevens". Its quite bright and if washed so the reds don't bleed will tone down in time. This fabric (and no, I don't know which manufacturer it is any more) is high end so it handles well. 

I have come to appreciate the better grade materials since learning to quilt and know that the investment of a couple dollars more per yard to get it from better manufacturers is worth it.

I am not sure if this quilt will be a gift this year. With that recent concern I had about reds bleeding onto those yummy cream colors, I want to think about the intended recipient a little while longer. It will give me time to consider how I am going to quilt it as well. It moved along through this stage and for that I am grateful.