Friday, February 21, 2014

Another Finish for Friday

I finished the March Calendar block the other day, and finished the two Spring Mugs for  a swap going out in a week. HOWEVER, true to the practice, I cannot show pictures of them (even if I had a working camera) until Rex receives them. I like how the universe conspires to help us keep our word, our promises, our vows.

This new idea to 'Finish Something Friday' is working for me. There is a sense of accomplishment that was the goal.

I looked online to price the small point and shoot cameras and think they are available in most brands for under $100. The plan is to head out to the big city tomorrow. I know what I want it to do and know that its important for me to have. Someone gave me one a few years ago without asking what my needs were and it never served me well and actually cost me so much that I gave it away.

In all cases, whether it is about communicating with another person or the divine power, its very important to be clear both in speaking and in listening. 

I am not sure I listen as much as I should. For instance, all these quilts I only a few cases, a very few, have I asked for color ideas; Baylee's Mother told me purples and pinks, CC asked for hot pink, Jeanne told me pinks for the fundraiser, Virginia mentioned more earthy tones and beyond those few, I have just gotten hints from others regarding small candle mats.

Things won't change much for my quilting choices until I use up the fabric that was given to me. I can lean towards colors that I know might work, but in truth, don't know how well the gift is received. Thinking more about this.