Thursday, February 27, 2014

A day like any other

I am a morning person. I wake up usually before sunrise and then get to watch the dance of clouds and see the belt of Venus wherever I am and know it will be a good day.

(I didn't take this photo, but wanted to include it so you knew what I meant.) There is another belt that comes out at sunrise. Wikipedia says: The Belt of Venus or Venus's Girdle is an atmospheric phenomenon seen at sunrise and sunset. Shortly after sunset or shortly before sunrise, the observer is, or is very nearly, surrounded by a pinkish glow (or anti-twilight arch) that extends roughly 10°–20° above the horizon. Often, the glow is separated from the horizon by a dark layer, the Earth's shadow or "dark segment." The Arch's light rose (pink) color is due to backscattering of reddened light from the rising or setting Sun. A very similar effect can be seen during a total solar eclipse.

Regardless of the science, when I see these lovely colors in pinks, reds, yellows or oranges, its the start of of a lovely day. 

I have more than a number of projects at my workstation. One of them was to make a new-for-me block that only had the measurements but not instructions on how to put it together. 

I love how it turned out. Its going to be one of a kind and not an orphan. Its design is to have a number of unique blocks to this quilt.

Some designers take their cameras on vacation with them to capture the natural colors and then come home to create quilts in these colors. I tend to like the more intense fabrics, and sometimes think it is because I look to the sky all the time and see such brilliant colors.

Everyday I wake up, is a good day. I like being a morning person because of the freshness I smell, the energy that is at my birdfeeders from all the visiting eaters, and that I chose to forget what hassles might have happened yesterday.