Thursday, February 20, 2014

Death of a Camera

I've had this little Kodak for years now and have made good use of it, so as it started to eat up batteries, I wasn't sure if it was giving up. Its gone. Before buying another one, I want to do a little research. 

Right now, my projects are all WIP's or works in progress, so there is little to show with a photo. 

Here is a short list:

  • Nick's back & then set aside til next year
  • Patrick's sashing
  • Tony's trees & then set aside til next year
  • Calendar block for March (finished, not sent)
  • 2 Spring Mug Rugs for a swap 
  • Baylee's graduation 
  • weekly basting
  • 2 comfort quilts

Mundane tasks are what most of us do all the time without needing to record them. Its the celebratory moment we notice. This is the time we put on our best faces to take 'selfies' or group shots. There is plenty of time to take notice of accomplishments when its notable.

Every once in awhile, someone has taken a picture of me doing dishes or some other chore. And it feels silly. No one ever took a photo of me cleaning a litter box or brushing my teeth. Or even better, I don't think I have any photos of me tying my shoes. Sometimes there are work photos, and many times photos of oceanside or lakeside fun.

For now, there will be no photos of my quilting projects. I should have a new camera by the time some of these are finished. Til then, its all about dreaming and imagination and reading text.