Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Basting Wednesday

Once again, my Wednesday was spent in the clubhouse down the street basting another quilt. This is one of the holiday log cabin quilts I will finish this year.

My older Son called just after I got the back & batting down, and we spent half an hour just chatting about small goings-on. Its fun for me to tell him which quilt I am creating and is almost like planting a memory in his thoughts.

Its going so much faster now, this stage of basting. There is distortion in looking at the photo of the quilt as it lays across a table, and is not yet secured by the basting stitches. It will get pulled a bit tighter during the basting and any wrinkles go away.

There is a Tai Chi group that comes about the same time and every so often, a member will step away from their work, walk across the hall to where I am and recall tales and memories of family quilts and quilters.

It touches me when they sigh with longing for a different time with their families. Its very clear to me, that their longing includes a strong desire to wrap themselves up in a quilt made by a Mother, Auntie, or Grandmother. They know, by now, that those times are it was written, 'gone with the wind'.

After running a few more errands in town, I relaxed with a book and then started up piecing again. 

I am working on Patrick's quilt this afternoon. Its a very different pattern from any other I've done and I am really enjoying how its coming together.

Making memories for someone is an endless task whether its living those times with children growing up, or connecting long after they have children of their own.