Monday, February 10, 2014

And sew it goes

I've been enjoying the odd piecing that evolves for Nick's quilt back.

The blocks are 12.5" square and most random. It looks like 36 of them will work once they get a side sashing and joined in rows.

I think about that tall 16-year-old who will most likely get taller before this even goes out my door. He has a ready smile. I wonder how he's adapted to a rapidly growing frame, even as these blocks grow out between the pins and stitches.

Sometimes there is no reason to how our lives unfold either. If we are lucky, the colors coordinate like the choices we make for our future and in the end everything makes sense. Or at best, we make sense of it. The top of this quilt had patterns within the the patterns. Each small piece was joined to another and another to form blocks, which joined to form the top where borders were added.

Not so the backside. The back had no pattern to the individual blocks, though as quiltmaker, I consider how to separate them with sashing so that they don't look entirely random.

Quiltmaker, Great SheWho. Hear me laughing as I if I could fool anyone, including myself, into thinking I know what I am doing. I never lose sight of the 2-3 rippers I own. I never forget the Great DoOver options.