Tuesday, February 18, 2014

36 blocks for the back

I finished making thirty-six 12.5" blocks for the back of Nick's quilt and cut left-hand sashing for them. Its like making another quilt!  Any photo I might take of them is only going to show a pile of fabric pieces.

Photos are a treasure, and I know I am behind the times using the technology. My cell phone won't upload the App for SnapChat so I miss out on a lot of pics my family exchanges. Those pics are good for less than a minute and go away. Our world has become one of rapid communication.

I wonder if they realize how much a person enjoys looking at them when those times pass? My family of origin wasn't much for taking photos when I was growing up, so when someone has some of the days of my childhood, I welcome even dim copies.

And I am really appreciative of the ones I've taken of the quilts I've made. They aren't important in the greater scheme of things, and probably only to me.

Patrick's quilt is coming along too, yet is still a pile of fabric pieces as well. Quilting takes time, which is why a lot of projects are WIPs...works in progress.

One tiny project I finished today is a single 12.5" block for Jake's quilt.

This is all 1.5" blocks or strips, and I wanted to keep to a teal color theme for it...just because I had the fabric. This one requires accuracy in cutting and with a scant 1/4" seam. Even then, I ended up shaving a few times just to keep the line.

I know that my Christmas Block Swap partners will only be sending me blocks for 8 months for this project, so I am going to make four of them myself to add to the quilt. This is one of the four. It is my picture for the day!