Monday, February 17, 2014

Comfort Quilt Meeting

I've never been much for meetings, whether I am a spectator, member or a facilitator.  Probably if they had such tests when I was a kid, I might have been diagnosed with either ADHD or ADD. Just can't sit still long and just need high stimulation to keep my attention.

What works for me in these particular meetings is that I do not have to stay sitting and can be where I want to be whenever. There is something going on everywhere in the large meeting room, and until its lunchtime, there is no structure. Today, about 15 quilters showed up.

I got there in time to set up chairs and roll big round tables in from a closet in the other room. When the trailer came, I helped unload the numerous storage bins. I turned in the navy baseball quilt; found a back for the green/gold quilt from bins labeled "backs"; walked to the table where the batting was being cut, and volunteered to help pin baste. One woman & I pin basted 7 quilts before lunch break and 2 more quilts after we all ate lunch.

Committee chairs went through some of the bins and made a pile for give-away fabrics, folded others neatly, and returned fabric to the bins.

At various tables, quilters were giving informal tutorials, and every where I stood, others had tidbits of advise to offer. Yes, other than for lunch, I never sat down.

Meals are often hard for me when they begin with prayer said by some well-meaning soul who suddenly becomes a wanna-be minister delivering a eulogy over the food. That is not to say the woman saying grace today did that...I mean SOME. Her words were short, sweet and simple. Whew! As a vegetarian, I usually don't stay for meat-ladened meals to begin with. I kept eyeing the door, but promised to finish the pin-basting, so stayed until they were finished.

Difficult to sit still at any table for long, I was able to eat a handful of grapes, a piece of asparagus wrapped with a crescent roll, and a babybell cheese. Everyone else was eating more and more by the time I started packing up the containers, rolling round tables back to the storage closet and folding chairs.

As I write this, I am shaking my head at myself. After all these years, its still the same. I am still not much for meetings.