Friday, February 14, 2014

A Friday Finish

Last week my angst from feeling overwhelmed with unfinished projects or works in progress, helped me make a commitment to FINISH SOMETHING FRIDAY.

I found a button pic online that I am using as a reminder for myself & anyone else who wants to link up & show their finished project. If you select the button on the sidebar, it will bring you back to this blog and your link will share what you finished. It doesn't have to be quilting. It can be any sort of fabric art, or some other kind of project you finished up for today, from sweeping the floors to paying bills. 

What I finished this morning is the top to a comfort quilt. The Tehachapi Mountain Quilters guild sub-committee meeting for Comfort Quilts is this Monday. I have the navy blue baseball quilt to take that is completely finished, and this one. I'll need to find fabric for a back and get it basted with batting, bring it back home to machine quilt and bind for the next meeting. My intention is to make the quilts for boys and men. Many quilters love making them with florals and in pastels that little girls love. This size works for kids as well as folks in wheelchairs.

My focus fabric is not a floral, so it lends itself to being more masculine even with the pink. After it got put together it reminded me of the football colors for the WI Pack (Green and Gold). Hmmm. Not my intention at all. I come from MN where the border rivalry is long and unforgiving. So it made me laugh that I selected these colors. The person who receives this quilt may or may not know about the Pack and still enjoy its brightness.

The guild gets a lot of donations for materials, thread, supplies and has them sorted & labeled by color. There are kits already made up, and they have specific patterns and sizes (like this one) that they prefer. When I go there on Monday with the top and some basting pins, a small group will gather around the table and pin it in no time at all. I want to make several more in this pattern/size before taking another step. I still have lots to learn about it and am willing to stay within their guidelines.

There are always formal and informal classes going on, and the group has a pot luck lunch, chats awhile before going home. Quilt donations are made wherever they are needed in our county.