Saturday, February 15, 2014

Monthly Challenges

I found another blog that has a monthly challenge using a theme or word of the month. Artists can use any medium to interpret this challenge. If you select the icon on my side bar it will direct you to the group.

They post a new word on the 15th of the month and the theme of this month is ORDER. They ask for pictures and an explanation of why you chose what you did for the theme. All projects are to be finished when submitted. I've seen this blog before and browsed the finished projects related to the theme. ORDER appeals to the business side of my mind and even though I have no idea what I will make, I really like the idea of making it to fit the theme.

Right now, my monthly projects include the Calendar BOM with Rex, the BOM with my local quilting friend Carol, the Christmas block exchange and the charity quilts with the Tehachapi Mountain Quilters guild.

Why do I commit to them? I think that I like having projects with deadlines. 

The Mystery Quilt is a weekly adventure and that one is a faster pace for me. The family quilts also have deadlines that are months out. All of them require a sort of awareness of finish dates. 

Over the decades of my life, its been easier for me to start projects than to finish them, which some say is typical for an Aries. And this Aries woman has a rising, sun, and mercury placements. I disliked the label and decided to examine the start/finish issue. I made it a point to organize my life in ways that did bring about finishes. 

Sometimes there were projects or situations that I had to release because I knew I would never finish them. Releasing meant giving them to someone who wanted to finish where I started. That was realistic. Keeping something just because I might finish it someday only added to the guilt of not completing it. Giveaway. Release.

Then it became an exercise in letting go.

I've come to a better place with that now. I am more realistic with everything I do and the timing it takes.

So yes, having these monthly projects...short, sweet, simple...are just what I need.