Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Creating Illusions

After seeing a recent pic of my Great-Nephew, I asked how tall he was. At 16, he is already 6'3.5". I am speechless because the quilt I am making for him is going to need some adjustments on the final border.

I converted this pattern to include a golfer panel in the center. The blocks themselves took a lot of time to piece. The foundation fabric is a frosty blue with good size snow flakes on it. 

I'm really just learning how to do all those triangles so end up shaving uneven edges, which knocks down the overall size. 

I had just enough of it to add a first border and bring it back to the original pattern measurement. Remembering that this is a scrap quilt, so I had gathered coordinating fabrics to make it and needed to work with what was there.

With Nick's height, it should have started out as a twin size quilt. However, the last time I saw him out here on Venice Beach, California, he was NOT that tall! His Father is tall, so what was I thinking???

There is a pretty good chunk of the green planned for the third border, and perhaps I can make the top/bottom parts an inch and a half each wider than the two sides. Its not much, and I do not want to throw off the balance the entire quilt has right now. Yet, I wonder how many times we miss the subtitles in quilting or in life about what we see because someone knew how to create a good illusion.

I can always trim off the extra if it doesn't work.