Monday, February 3, 2014


One of the quilting students I've met lost her husband last week so I attended his funeral this morning. It moved me to see so many photos of them together and made me realize that you can never take enough photos or say "I love you" enough.

She is a brilliant quilter and very quiet in the classes. When she speaks it is to give outstanding quilting tips. I am sad for her. The church was filled with people from his work, our community here in town, the Marines (one of whom played taps on a horn in church-chilling always), and a few other quilters.

I came home to finish the block for my swap partner who lives in Australia. I signed up later in January so missed the partnering process. Cathy was sweet enough to include me for February, and offered to swap with me.  While I mentioned this group before, it is something so great I want to give another shout out to her and how she facilitates the group. You can select her hot pink name just above and it will take you to the page with all the information on it.

The block is finished and actually wrapped for shipping when I go out on Wednesday again. Cathy & I have shared a few emails about how the group runs. Because its my first time swapping with them, she was kind enough to give me pointers. 

I plan to use the blocks that come my way to make a quilt for my younger Grandson Jake. I write to him regularly, and just the other day was wondering what I was going to write about that was more grown up in both language and concept. When last we spoke, he told me he was in an after-school "Adventure Club." This is perfect! Each month I get a new swap partner from somewhere around the world, either another country, another state or even another city, I will write about that location from what I can learn. 

As soon as Cathy gets her block, I'll post a pic of it on my 2014 finishes link, and also include a pic of what the one she sends me looks like.

This is the way we learn from each other. Small pieces, small ways. Its all about learning and loving.