Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Who has got your back?

The other day, I watched a video about creative quilt backs using all the scrap pieces and leftover pieces from the front. Its a You Tube video you can find called Pieced Quilt Backs

I loved the concept! From what the quiltmaker in the video was saying, anything goes on the back of a quilt. What makes it work is that the same colors are on the front. She said to start with the smallest pieces and sew them together. Cut them to square them up and keep adding or sewing. Nothing matters. Only that you do it.

Its another challenge for me to push my comfort level to do something that literally makes no sense and can be contrary to what structure is needed for the front. 

After getting home from basting Baylee's Garden Path quilt, I spent the rest of the day trying to make sense of the leftover pieces from Nick's quilt. I am not sure, at all, what I am doing. 

I thought about how people see the fronts of each other when they meet, as they communicate, and how they evaluate what they see and hear and feel.

I thought about how the front chakras or power centers are the ones most people know and how the back chakras or power centers are almost dismissed in working with various health issues.

Backs of anything are what we lean on, find support from. Quilt backs are actually what is closest to our bodies when we cover up with them. 

Can I be artistic when it comes to making a back like this that uses up everything from the mini scraps to the larger chunks? Being artistic is like playing, and playing never came easy to me. Ever.

This is like building a whole new quilt, & I have pieced backs before, so why its become such a big deal probably means there is some personal growth going on for me. 

This one in the picture here is a perfect example. It was the back made for a Halloween Rail Fence. The purple was long enough for the quilt but not wide enough, so I used scraps and some panels to make the middle strip. Its pretty structured, unlike the one I am trying to build for Nick's quilt. 

I'll get back to it in the morning. I might take out the frosty blue after seeing how it looks in the picture. Scrap quilting is not easy nor is it fast. It is good for the environment to use up all the parts of a yard of fabric that I can, and its also good for my bank account!