Sunday, February 16, 2014

Rex is a Genius!

I struggle with a lot of the electronic technology and sometimes just want to Quilt. As I continued to write this blog, it seemed that it was getting bogged down by all the photos and text. My friend Rex, who named herself CROW CALLING WOMAN, has a slide show feature on hers, so I asked for help. After about an hour and a half, it was successful so now you can select the "2014 Finishes" link above and see the results of this very hard work.

My friendship with Crow Calling Woman started many years ago in Madison, WI when I facilitated a learning community there. She got to the educational stage of presenting workshops that were simply awesome. One class after another one with her, I was convinced I could be creative. She put such spirit and reverence into her teaching and art, that I knew she was a kindred spirit.

This is one of my favorite photos of her and I am not sure she's ever seen it. There is a lot of beautiful energy and a sense of confidence and well-being in this shot.

Crow Calling Woman is a great swap partner for the Calendar Quilt (link above this post) & I feel internally pushed to do better all the time. 
Her blog is:  

We do chat fairly often about quilting techniques, fabrics, stitches and all things quilting. Crow Calling Woman takes risks with her fabric arts, and is a self-taught artist. She sets an example for anyone who shares learning space with her.