Saturday, February 1, 2014

February projects

My second attempt at creating a Spring Mug Rug failed after showing what I made to my partner, she couldn't figure out what it was!

I am keeping it because-well, just because I like it and can see what I made. Its part of the house-kick I am on right now. Several learning experiences came from this mug rug. First, small quilts are small, not easy.  Second, if I am going to make this size which is the 6.5 x 10" or thereabouts, horizontal is better than vertical. I see a house with a roof, door and window, and use my mug rug in this direction. Also, if part of it is wonky, all of it need to be wonky. 

While there were a lot of finishes for the month, I was still disappointed in not completing all I wanted done for January. Those 4 quilt top/back WIPs moved to a February completion. 

The missing 2" cornerstone to Nick's quilt turned up last night, tucked between cushions on the love seat.  Whew. While the dark blue fabric substitute would have worked on the outer four corners, having them all match makes it really work for me as quilt-maker.

This month, as everyone knows, only has 28 days or 4 weeks in it. Its going to be a short month. Quilts will not be finished until the binding goes on, so there will be fewer to show for awhile. This month finishes will include the two BOM squares and the holiday block swap. 

I remember hearing a chant that went: I am abundant, filled up and over flowing, I am plenty. And so it is.