Friday, January 31, 2014


For the Calendar block swap in February, Rex & I chose to do an embroidery piece. I love the hand work of it and was eager to do this one together.

I used a washable fabric pen to outline the pattern. Transferring your own hand often puts your own touch to it, and admittedly, I was one of those kids in grade school who could never get the letters the way they were supposed to look. I've learned to expect my letters to look unique as my handwriting.

However, when I sprayed water on and dabbed it, and let it dry, the first round had bleed marks! I've sprayed it again, dabbing it and its drying.

Sometimes, these little quirks in the works are what they are. There are many cultures and trades that have quotes or sayings about having the uniqueness left in to show your touch or hand in it, to show that its not machine made. All that is fine and good except when you have high standards for your work and want to reach for excellence.

The other WIP still on my table is coming along. All those pieces! I am almost finished with the side sashing & cornerstones, and will cut the center panel/block and get to piecing the rows next.

This is another scrap quilt and is turning out grand. The blocks are 8" right now with 2" sashing.

I had to let go of my goal to finish the four quilts for my Niece's family by the end of January. All of them are closer, and if I push my goal into February, its still quite doable. All these triangles turned out to be more work, however I love how they finish up and am not afraid of them.

I've made appointments on the next six Wednesday mornings at my clubhouse to start basting quilts that are ready for that step. The first one, Baylee's GARDEN PATHS is going to be hand quilted, and others will go onto the machine. Piecing is now less of a focus for awhile.

And how do I feel about the bleed-factor? Heck there are pens out there that go invisible after about 48 hours and that is the way I plan to go. Learn some, live some, choose what works better.  Most of all, keep quilting!