Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cookies...yet again

I spent time exploring quilting patterns and have a few more I plan to try on the PIF projects. I found coordinating material for the binding for the January Doll Quilt Swap, and I tried adding some Tabs to this blog & then my friend Rex helped to make that happen. I worked to put up our Calendar Block exchange and got nothing more done today. 

However, the real project for the day was baking adult cookies to send to a few of my friends who appreciate the kind of not-so-sweet cookie you have with coffee.

We got several of these (with another speciality) in the mail the other day. Yes, friends keep remembering me with such special gifts! I asked for the Chocolate/Pepper recipe because it tasted great and shipped very well.

What a dream they were to slice, cut and bake. The dough re-balled for another slicing and made about 5 dozen!

The other kind I made with the Italian Pizzelles with the special waffle-like iron I have.

The batter turned out a bit thicker than the heavy cream look it is supposed to have. Is it the altitude? IDK (I don't know). So I put in a call to my Mother, who told me to add any liquid from lemon juice, milk, to vanilla.

This was a full batch. So I added more lemon juice and stirred that part into the top inch or so. The added milk to another inch. I thought about that Strega Liquore I have in the cabinet. Same flavor with a lot more kick. And yes, that went in as well. Shipping day again tomorrow. And then more quilting!