Monday, January 20, 2014

Quilt Meeting Lessons

I didn't bring a camera to the meeting this morning, and there were several mini lessons all morning. Its been a long weekend with an extra day. Its always been hard for me to tell the difference between a weekend, a regular day or a holiday. 

Every day is always fresh with new possibilities for me. Sometimes people roll their eyes at my attitude. They ask me if I don't remember what happened in all those yesterdays, and I do. I do remember when it suits me.

I brought in the baseball comfort quilt so one of the quilters could show me the way to machine stitch binding so that its on solidly. It will take less than half an hour start to finish. I will prefer to hand sew binding on other quilts I make. 

Then, I pulled out fabric for two more tops to make this month. The group likes to use one size because it makes it easier to add backing without a seam. I'll do those two and then make larger ones later. I don't mind seaming the back.

A small border was added to my Great-Nephew Cody's quilt and I'll purchase backing for it in the morning. That will be one more waiting for the basting process.

Tomorrow. Its going to be another great day in the morning.