Sunday, January 19, 2014

You Know You are a Quilting Geek...

I have that kind of mind that wants to move everything, from moving my own body, moving furniture around, moving from quilt to quilt. Move. Change. Change my mind comes into that too. It's always frustrated people in my life because the change can happen mid-sentance. Sometimes I might ask a question and if it takes more than 60 seconds for someone to answer, I have gone onto something else by the time they respond.

Quilting has modified some of that behavior for me. The lessons learned show me that if I move too quickly that there is a price I have to pay when I return to it. 

While I think my mind, like my body have both served me well in this lifetime, I realize that if the quilting project is left too long, that brief notes are not always the best for me.

This morning, I pulled out almost all my storage bins & sorted them to consolidate space & keep like fabrics or projects together.

The main bathroom in this house is the only one really in use. This small second bathroom-bathtub was wasted space until I bought a shelf unit & started storing bins next to it. The area really serves me well and keeps other household supplies there. Of course, bins are tucked in traditional closet spaces too. Everywhere. I miss having a basement, and the shed isn't the best place to store fabric goods. They get moved enough that they are not in danger of getting stale.

Yesterday, I changed my mind about the pattern for Lisa's quilt. I still need to purchase the correct pre-wash chemical for dark burgundies so they don't bleed onto the whites. I measured the fabrics in that group and took out the pile of magazines here. For as much time it is taking me to work on the triangles in two other quilts, to get Lisa's done too, I need to re-think and allow my mind to be ok with the change. I did and am. 

Two weeks left to this month and my goal is to finish all four tops! A work in progress holds that status through many phases. I know that soon enough my machine will go in for servicing and then the phase of basting comes into play. EEEhah! 

I used to think that there was nothing more exciting than the next new adventure. Now, I love the anticipation of a completed quilt. Many of them.