Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lookin Good

Once, long ago in my past, my need for approval drove me to look good, act good and be what everyone wanted from me. Once.

My heart was often broken from all kinds of fears that were most likely imagined, yet, I do believe some of them were fears based in reality.

I took all the steps to making the binding on that comfort quilt today. Pinned it to the backside, sewed a quarter inch from the raw edges and made perfectly mitered corners. 

Kids and folks under stress will find places on that are handstitched on these quilts and worry-push fingers between the stitches, so this makes for a more solid stitch.

"Don't worry if it doesn't look perfect," someone said to me yesterday, "You will get better doing them with practice."

I happily stitched away, and when I turned it over, sure enough, it was less than a perfect finish. It is fine.

I spent the rest of the morning and afternoon, playing catch-up with the Mystery Quilt. Shaking my head here. No matter how much I envision how it is going to finish, all the odd little choices of fabrics will make it come out ...you got it...with a life of its own. Mystery. No fear. No hesitation. Just step up and take a chance.  There will be borders and binding choices that I can control and make it all look good.

No fear. Feeling good. Can't say if its better than looking good, but I am learning to trust myself after all these years.