Thursday, January 30, 2014

Horse, Crow and Goldfish

Happy Chinese New Year...the year of the Horse.
It is an event that is held on the second New Moon after each Winter Solstice. Horses always played a part in my life. I am always drawn to them & their healing energies. Memories of riding with my Brother on our Grandparents' farm still make me smile. 

 The last few days I've been trying to come up with an idea for a Spring Mug Rug swap that Rex (Crow Calling Woman)  & I are doing together. She's a great swap partner and makes me want to quilt better. I feel lucky to be involved with creative people.

The carrot outline came from something I found for a kids's coloring page and the shape seemed like it would work. I had some scraps leftover from another project and wanted to make good use of them. I really loved the fresh spring-like look to it.

However, it seems more like a goldfish and way too big to have flopping around on a desk. I usually just put my cup on a mug rug, and while this one started out 6 x10, adding the green for the leaves makes it 15" and that's too long. And the tip of the carrot was supposed to round out and how it got pointy is one of those binding mysteries.

Its going to the infant center, and I am going on with my day. Happy New Year everyone, may you ride on this year's zodiac Horse and find all you need for your greater good.