Friday, January 3, 2014

January Projects

I am exceedingly grateful for the batting and rotary blades my younger Son sent me this year. I am exceedingly grateful for all the materials here to chose from to make quilts. And ever grateful for my vision, my steady hands, my working machine, and to all those folks who help me in my continuing efforts to practice this fabric art.

Fabric scraps in all the storage bins here in the house are sorted and cut once again into small squares and strips. Its a marvelous feeling to see them stacked up and ready to piece.

I found this pattern, called "Cedar Lodge" in the Jan/Feb 2014 issue of Quiltmaker. Comments made say that its a great way to reduce scrap stash. It makes up to a 76"x76" personal lap quilt or a throw. 

With my first run-through in cutting, I set aside 208 dark squares and 208 light squares. The pattern calls for them to be 3 & 7/8" square. I followed the directions though often wanted to make them an even FOUR inches. However, this year I want to work with triangles, and have surrendered my arrogance to do my own thing until I actually learn the correct way to do them.

The remaining cuts gave me stacks of 2.5", 3", 4", 5" and 6" squares, plus a stack of 2.5" strips.

Gratitude for work well done. Gratitude that the bins are easier to look through.

Also, as a report on the Pay-It-Forward for this season:   I am creating four projects. The first one is for a friend who reads my blog. She told me she would like to keep her three peeps secret and just surprise them. That gave me the idea to post on Facebook that I would like three nominations for people someone thinks needs a little surprise and nurturing. It meant that the nominator could feel good about this too.

Its going to be an interesting season.