Monday, January 27, 2014

Small Stuff

I've been spending a lot of time doing the small stuff on various quilts. Small stuff is what we do in our days, so that when someone asks us what we have done all day, nothing seems worth mentioning.

However, I know that without doing the small stuff, the actual manifestation of a finished project never happens. I cannot seem to avoid filling my hours with all these small tasks, that  go beyond quilting into the rest of my mundane life.

I've seen these cute posters that some artists use to show what matters...their art, not their housework, sometimes not even people around them. I hope not to be there. I think I was at one time when I was younger, but not now. Now I love a clean kitchen with an empty sink, a clean floor, clean bathrooms. And those fall into the 'small stuff' category and also please me to see. 

This morning, I realized there was dark thread on my bobbins and none empty for light thread to keep going on some of the quilts. So I pulled out my Great-Nephew's BOUGHS OF HOLLY quilt. I've pieced the back now with holly over black, and it coordinates nicely with the one going to my Niece, his Mother. Its also used on the front of the quilt as well. Both quilts are set aside and waiting to be basted soon.

My next quilting project is working on quilts for the other two of my Great-Nephews. Nick's got pinned last night and today, I am working on piecing another step to the 24 blocks. Its piecing, pressing and then pinning again before they even are ready to assemble for the top. 

As soon as this 'run-through' is finished, I will take time away from quilting and do some of the small stuff in the house. It is actually nice to step away and return to quilting with fresh ideas and a cleaner vision of where I am going with them all. 

OH, and I joined another swap that might be more closely aligned with my interests. This one is international sharing which means partnering with quilters around the world. AND the rules say that you must, must, must send your block on time during the month and if you do not do a timely swap, you are put on suspension. That is not always the rule for swaps and I have been burned a couple of times now. THEN the truly great thing is that its for holiday-Christmas themed fabrics!  Joy oh joy! I love this because I have a lot of that fabric and as I finish these 2014 quilts, will end up with even more scraps.

I've looked at the site for how the block swaps have been in the past and am excited to create a sort of sampler from what I receive. They make nice, nice quilts to finish.  12" blocks. Small stuff, yet again