Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I spent most of the day working on small details. Working, not taking pictures for the blog. It started with catching up to the Applique Mystery Quilt. 

It was a matter of pulling out fabrics to give the entire quilt a more coordinated look to it. Over my short experiences in scrap quilting, I have come to learn that it takes skill to have a random look actually look appealing. And the sorting process for a mystery quilt takes more thoughtfulness than one would imagine.  

I am delighted that the applique is machine work rather than hand stitching for a number of reasons. Its a nice look and will make it more of a utilitarian quilt rather than something a person has to hand and take special care.

Both quilts for Nick & Tony are WIP and I took each one through another step. Most of what I did on Nick's was trimming to get rectangles ready to pin and piece. I am still working with pointy-things on Tony's and got all 5 of the tall trees tippy-topped correctly. 

I almost finished the second Pay-It-Forward project tonight. It turned out much better than I expected and the details for it are what make my heart sing over it. More about it tomorrow complete with photos.

Paying attention to details means going slower, being more mindful and watching out for those slips in the pattern design. I've encountered too many things in this fabric art that end up requiring ripping and starting over. And that just becomes a big waste of time.