Thursday, January 16, 2014

Its Like Football

I love football though I don't watch it these days because I haven't owned a TV in decades. However, I know that when that ball gets laid down in the field- inches count in every play. Somedays are like that for me in quilting too.

This week, most of my work is piecing small cuts into small squares and doing the small 'inch work' of quilting.

These pinwheel squares are only part of the block construction for my Great-Nephew Nick's quilt that is called "Holiday Golf". This is just Step 4 of 11 for the construction part, and then there are 7 steps to the assembly, followed by 3 more steps to finish. And yes, it is a scrap quilt. 

I've got six more of the centers to work on today and then will need to check them all to make sure they measure out at 4.5".

The pattern comes from the December 2007 American Patchwork & Quilting magazine. It is set up as an Intermediate Skill, and therefore is pushing me beyond my comfort zone. The pattern finishes it at a 55.5" square, however, this young boy is already pretty tall, so my plan is to add another 5" border to extend it just a bit beyond that measurement.

Inches. My sidebar list of projects for my family is a pretty hefty goal for the year, which means if I want to finish them all, I have to keep working and keep thinking about all those next steps. I am my own coach, my own quarterback, and my own cheerleader.

Most of the men & boys on my list are close to 6' tall, and some are more than 6' tall, which means that even the personal lap top quilts need to be large enough for their stretched out comfort.

There is a lot of holiday fabric leftovers from the quilts going out with that theme that I have made in the last few years. I've been working on a 20-block log cabin made entirely of those pieces and this is what they look like laid out in what is called an arrow. I was so impressed with the design. This one will finish off as a double-coverlet size. Its going to be a guy-quilt.

Well, back at it...with hopes that your day brings you passion and success.