Saturday, January 25, 2014

What me? A shop-aholic?

Its hard to imagine that I would go shopping for fabric after such an amazing experience at the quilt show. However, I could not find several things on my list that were carried by Claudia's 5 Heart Quilts store in town.

So off I went. I needed 4 yards for the back of my Granddaughter's graduation quilt so that I can get it basted and quilted. I've shown that lovely lavender quilt with the links in the center and the prairie point border. This print is a horizontal garden with baskets and planters and all that lush green. There is a bit more pink in it but lovely. The key selling point for me was seeing it on the back of one of Claudia's quilts. Stunning.

She had about five other prints that I was considering for Baylee's quilt, and this one won out. I love the contrast of the light on the top to the dark on this back, and just the sea of flowers. The prairie points concept for a border seemed to work best with this.

It took me a little while to match up the center seam so it looks contiguous. Luckily, the repeat was really close to a few inches on top and less than half an inch at the center seam. There is next to no waste here at all. Also, laying them next to each other, I got the idea for its name: Garden Paths.

The other two items included Piecemakers 5 1/8" Doll Making Needles that I use for basting. I snapped one in half not too long ago, and love this size for quick work in basting. The other product was Mary Ellen's Best Press: Clear Starch. I know some people make their own from corn starch. Some people like it, some do not. I am going with this one.

I am not a shop-aholic. Most of the time, I shop from my stash and build some very lovely pieces. Sometimes, like this quilt, I make an exception and buy fabric that I love to finish it off. Scrap quilting is a lot of fun and stretches my imagination.