Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Waning Moon Means Completing Projects

When I sat with morning coffee and looked out my Eastern windows, the waning Moon was in the SW and veiled with clouds, the thin kind of clouds that make you think of veils. It was a pleasant view that reminded me that this phase of the Moon supports continuing projects, working to finishing them up. Beautiful and fragile feeling.

It is only 10 am here. Again, the morning has been all about piecing without any finishes, so it is indeed part of the global energy. I ran another edge seam along the prairie points of Baylee's GARDEN PATH just to make sure nothing would come out.

Above is my current project pile with the WINTER IN THE WOODS and HOLIDAY GOLF quilts. Currently, the one that is at my machine is Nick's golf-themed quilt with 24 'wonky-style' blocks. There is one seam left to join, then they get pressed and uniformly trimmed, laid out and once again, pinned together in rows. Eventually borders too.

I feel secure enough with the top to baste the GARDEN PATH, and start hand quilting on it. It may have some machine quilting too...haven't quite decided. One by one, the other quilt tops will get completed and partnered with backs.

Over the decades of my life, I have found that I work better when I am in sync with the phases of the Moon, whether its in my gardens, doing other projects, and now with quilting. Seeing her in the sky gives me a marker and lets me know that this IS the energy around the globe and others join me in it.