Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Shake the Soul

Life, like quilting, sometimes puts up some mighty big blocks on our paths.  After decades of encountering people who are habitually victims or doormats and whine, "poor me", I decided to own the results of my choices, whether they brought me joy or heartache. I decided that when something blocks me, in life or with my quilting, that its there to shake up my soul and bring me new opportunities to grow beyond my visions.

At first, it was difficult for me to move beyond the pinks...pinks in the fabrics for quilts and pinks that were faded reds onto whites. However, the choice was to be upset or to get back in the game and keep quilting.

I spent most of yesterday working on a variety of steps for a number of (WIP) works in progress that included cutting, pinning, piecing, pressing and re-assessing what was ready to baste, and what needed seam ripping. Also, two quilts were shipped out. So many steps to quilting that do not warrant photographs.

Tony's WINTER IN THE WOODS quilt has three different types of pieced blocks to it (houses, trees & stars). The pattern is older and the pattern templates are confusing. I've redone the triangles now so they make points. Here are the completed blocks of five small roofs & two large roofs.
I see that the photos don't do most of the fabrics justice in how they look in real life. Some look really bright and others seem to fade away. Its just how they photograph!

I've been working on the small and tall tree blocks and cut the star blocks out as well. Interestingly, one side of the star is missing from the template, and I do know I can cut one out on my own and make it come together. Once again, it was just a minor issue for me. A year or two ago, it would have been disastrous for a beginning quilter, which reminds me that not too long ago, I said I was a confident beginner. 

These little blocks not only help shake up my soul, they push my comfort zones to a place of growth.