Friday, January 3, 2014

Secret Santa Reveal

I got the most delightful gifts from my Secret Santa this year. Her name is Susan, and you can see some of her great ideas on her blog at

It was my first time participating in an online SS group hosted by Suzanne at A big thank you to her for organizing this event. 

As the boxes were delivered to my POBox, I could barely drive home the surprise and anticipation made me feel like that little girl finding presents selected just for her. 

One by one, the boxes came, and each one held a surprise that met some secret want I held in my heart. Eventually, I would remember the questionnaire I filled out and then whisper to myself that it was my Secret Santa.

Yet, each time something came in the mail, I forgot that I was participating in the event, and each time, I lost decades of skepticism, and cynicism that were replaced by laughter and song. Yes, song. I found myself singing, and wanting to sing.

Susan's blog is already organized with lists for her 2013 Finishes and for her 2014 Goals (so far). She has a link for her tutorials, and another for her UFO's.

The woman I served as Secret Santa to also has a blog. Her name is Rosemary and you can see her work at

Rosemary was so kind in thanking me for what I shipped her and her kitty. As I mentioned, it was my first time both in giving & receiving through my blog & both of us kept hoping we were doing it correctly, & we both commented that next year we would do even better at it. I imagined that she felt like a sweet little girl herself.

And you know? That is exactly how I feel about my quilting. We all have to start somewhere, and we hope that someone else can help guide us or at least be tolerant that we are not entirely perfect.

Funny thing, LaBefana is still coming on January 6th. And I am very open to receive!