Monday, January 13, 2014

Love in a Quilt

Songs and stories have been written about love, and its different for each of us with each relationship we have. No matter how we try to analyze it, or simply think about it, love comes when it does and the most important thing we can do, is accept it.

This is most likely the last of my pink quilts. I gathered everything in my stash that remotely coordinated or was a shade of pink to make several quilts and tote bags. 

This is the last of the projects and it surprises me that there are still scraps of pink here and there.

This quilt is made up of those 5" squares, and arranged in a very random order. Quilting is done on diagonal lines and then stitched in the ditch around the borders.

I learned that the 5" squares often come in a pack called Charm Squares. Fabric manufacturers package them to promote their fabric lines, and usually there is only one fabric per square.

When a quilt is put together using a fabric more than once its called "charming", so this quilt is charming.

I ordered a flannel for the back and found this very yummy chocolate with hearts print on sale. Then I realized that many of the charm squares on front had hearts too. 

I decided to add a label to this quilt, placing it so the quilting would show on the front in a solid square. It worked perfectly in so many ways.

My Granddaughter CC is simply amazing. She is the youngest of three, so has learned to hold her own. When she was old enough to speak and strong-willed enough too, she put her hands on her hips and shouted to the family that her name was CC and not Elise, already choosing her own identity. I could write volumes about her and tell you all the ways I love her. And perhaps every Granny feels the same about all her Grandchildren.

Love is easy when I think of it, especially when I remain open-hearted. And being open-hearted is a choice that requires a certain healing of one's own heart.  It is risky to love anyone because life has a way of changing things, and people don't always love you back the way you want or need. 

No matter. They do get to chose whom or what they love. How I see it being open-hearted is for me. Its what I do to walk in this world.

I will send a sheet of the Shout Color Catcher with this quilt, and feel a little bit more OK if the reds fade to pink. Pink. I am so done with it.