Thursday, January 9, 2014

Shipping Day

Wait a minute! Isn't joy doing what we want?

Two packages are going out later this afternoon. Of course the fundraiser quilt and bag go to my Daughter-In-Law, and the second shipment is the January Doll Quilt Swap to my partner Lee in Salem, NH. 

We are invited to give sneak peeks on the Doll Quilt swap page. This is the back with the binding showing, plus the label. I didn't check photos for clarity before wrapping the quilt for shipping so this is a bit blurry. However, the front picture I took of it is clear & as soon as Lee gets it, I will add to the tab above for finishes.

I was discouraged in attaching labels to my quilts by my loving and lovely Sister-In-Law who told me she liked having the option of showing both sides rather than feeling like one was 'less-than' the other. I took to writing the name of the quilt and date on a light square anywhere on it. I do not like the look of labels myself, yet understand why they are important. Some of my quilts will get them, most not.

And yes, after a minute of consideration, joy is doing what I want. That means if making quilts with or without labels is in an option each time, then each time, I will do what I want.